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Rose McGowan

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Birth Name: Rose Jane McGowan

Date of Birth: September 5, 1973

Place of Birth: Florence, Italy

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5' 5"

Best Known For: Playing Paige Matthews on Charmed

Rose McGowan Biography

Rose McGowan was born on September 5, 1973, in Florence, Italy. She was raised in a Children on God commune until age 5, by her French-American mother, Terri, and her Irish-American Father, Daniel McGowan. She has 6 siblings; two brothers, two sisters and two half siblings. At a very young age, McGowan began modeling. She appeared in Vogue and other Italian magazines, until her family relocated to the United States when she was 6 years old.

At age 10, McGowan's parents divorced after her father left her mother for the family's nanny. McGowan lived with her mother for a few years, but at age 14, she went to live with her father in Montreal, Canada. She later went to live with her grandmother in Washington, where she attended Roosevelt High School and Nova Alternative High School in Seattle. At age 15 she was emancipated from her parents and went to Los Angeles to pursue acting. While looking for acting work, McGowan attended beauty school.

McGowan landed her first acting job in 1990 in an episode of True Colors. Two years later her second acting job turned into her first break. She was seen in 1992's Encino Man, starring Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore and Sean Astin. It was another three years before audiences saw McGowan again, this time in 1995's The Doom Generation, in which she has a starring role that won her a nomination for a Independent Spirit Award. The following year, she re-teamed up with Pauly Shore with a part in Bio-Dome. That same year she was seen Scream, playing the big busted Tatum Riley, a role which helped boost her career.

In 1997, McGowan was seen alongside Rachel Weisz and Ben Affleck in the comedic drama Going All the Way. That same year, she was seen in the lead role in Lewis & Clark & George, a funny thriller following two escaped convicts and an attractive girl (McGowan) searching for a forgotten gold mine. In 1998, she was again paired with Ben Affleck in Phantoms, also featuring Peter O'Toole. During this time McGowan found herself in the media spotlight after she began dating musician Marilyn Manson. The couple dated until 2001.

In 1999, McGowan starred along with Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz in the crime comedy Jawbreaker. The beauties received much attention for the film, and McGowan was nominated for Best Villain at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards. In 2000, McGowan appeared in the slapstick wrestling comedy Ready to Rumble starring David Arquette.

In 2001, McGowan won the role for which she has become best known. She was cast as Paige Matthews on the WB's series Charmed. She starred on the popular television series alongside Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. The three played sisters who battled evil with witchcraft. The show ran from 2001-2006.

McGowan's focus returned to film after the end of Charmed. In 2006, she was seen in Black Dahlia alongside an all-star cast. In 2007, she was seen in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino film Grindhouse. The film is a tribute to exploitation B-movie thrillers, which is presented as two feature films played back-to-back, as they were played in grind house theaters in the 1970s and 1980s.

McGowan is currently dating and rumored to be engaged to director Robert Rodriguez.
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