Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette

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Date of Birth: April 8, 1968

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5' 1"

Best Known For: Starring as Allison DuBois on Meduim

Patricia Arquette Biography

Patricia Arquette was born on April 8, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois. Soon after her birth, her family moved to a commune near Arlington, Virginia. She is the sister of actors David Arquette, Richmond Arquette, Alexis Arquette, and Rosanna Arquette. She is also sister-in-law to Friends actress Courteney Cox, because Cox is married to her brother, David. Her father was actor Lewis Arquette, and her mother, Mardi Olivia Nowak, was a poet and political activist. Arquette attended Mid-City Alternative school and then the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies.

At age 15, Arquette left her parents to live with her older sister Rosanna, who had moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career. Several years later, the rest of her family moved to Southern California.

Arquette started her career by appearing in horror film sequels, and moved on to television shows and a few films. After studying acting with Milton Katselas, Arquette landed roles as a teenaged mother in the TV-movie Daddy (1987) and made guest appearances on such series as thirtysomething and The Outsiders. She has the distinction of starring in two small screen projects directed by Diane Keaton: a CBS Schoolbreak Special entitled The Boy With the Crazy Brother (1990) and the television movie Wildflower (1991). In the latter, the actress had the demanding role of a young girl with epilepsy whose stepfather keeps her locked up believing she is possessed by demons. Arquette earned a CableACE award for her performance.

Arquette next appeared as the tender girlfriend of Viggo Mortensen in Sean Penn's directorial debut The Indian Runner (1991). She also earned praise for her portrayal of Mattie Silver, the life force in the otherwise bleak, wintry tale of Ethan Frome (1993). Later that year, she gave a breakout performance alongside heavy-hitters Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in the Quentin Tarantino-scripted True Romance. Tim Burton then cast her as the tolerant wife of eccentric filmmaker Ed Wood (1994) and Arquette displayed a compelling presence as an American doctor caught up in the political turmoil of Burma in Beyond Rangoon (1995).

Switching to lighter fare, she was the moody spouse of an adopted man seeking his birth parents in Flirting With Disaster (1996). While she earned some praise from reviewers for her dual turn as the murdered wife of a jazz musician and a bottle blonde femme fatale in David Lynch's Lost Highway (1997), most dismissed the film as confusing and pretentious. Arquette undertook a similar type of role as the unhappily married wife of a ranch hand who embarks on an affair with a rival cattle rancher in The Hi-Lo Country (1998). Next Arquette starred in the horror film Stigmata (1999) and opposite Nicolas Cage in the Martin Scorsese film Bringing Out the Dead (1999).

Arquette returned to comedy in 2000, cast opposite Adam Sandler in Little Nicky (2000) and in Charlie Kaufman's Human Nature (2001), where she played a woman involved in a love triangle with an ape-like man. In 2002, Arquette starred with Billy Bob Thorton in the crime thriller The Badge, which premiered on the Starz network. After appearing as the school teacher-turned-outlaw Kissin’ Kate Barlow in the offbeat Disney drama, Holes (2003), Arquette signed on for the lead role in the new supernatural mystery series, Medium in 2004. Based on the real-life psychic and criminal profiler Allison DuBois, the series depicted Arquette as a wife and mother who struggles to balance tending to her family and solving murders. The series proved popular out of the gate, and in 2005 Arquette won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series following the debut season.

In April 1995, Arquette married her Bringing Out the Dead costar Nicolas Cage. They separated after nine months, but acted as a couple in public until Cage filed for divorce in February 2000. The divorce petition was withdrawn, but Arquette filed again in November 2000.

She and actor Thomas Jane became engaged in 2002 and married on June 25, 2006 at the Palazzo Contarini in Venice, Italy. They have a daughter, Harlow Olivia Calliope, (born February 20, 2003). Arquette also has a son, Enzo (born 1989), from her previous relationship with musician Paul Rossi.
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