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Full Name: Gisele Carolina Nonnenmacher Bündchen

Date of Birth: July 20, 1980

Place of Birth: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Occupation: Model

Height: 5' 11"

Measurements: 36-24-35

Best Known For: Being a Victoria's Secret angel

Gisele Bundchen Biography

Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen (born July 20, 1980) is a Brazilian supermodel. She is also the most famous face of lingerie giant Victoria's Secret. Since her appearance on the fashion scene in the 90's she appeared in countless billboards and more than 7,000 magazine covers. Gisele is currently the face of 20 brands from different countries like Brazil, Italy, United States, France, Mexico, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. She is also the highest paid model in the business - a title that she has commanded for five straight years - and she made $30 million between June 2005 and June 2006.

In 1993, a 13-year-old Gisele joined a model course instructed by Dilson Stein to correct her posture, with her sisters Patrícia and Gabriela, because her mother insisted. The course was designed for teenagers aspiring to become models. In 1994, Stein took Gisele and other girls to São Paulo to give them an opportunity to walk in a big city and to be evaluated by Brazilian Elite agents. She was selected by them for a national contest, in which she came in second. In the world contest, in Ibiza, Spain, Gisele came in fourth.

In 1996, Gisele moved to New York City to begin her modeling career, debuting at Fashion Week. Since then, she has been the face of a variety of advertising campaigns including several seasons of Dior, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Versace, Céline, Givenchy, Bulgari, Lanvin, Guerlain, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Earl Jean, Zara, Chloé, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton. Gisele is the face of several Brazilian brands like Vivo, Brazil's leading mobile company, C&A, Multiplan, Colcci and Credicard.

With her unique beauty and stunning runway presence, Gisele has set the fashion world ablaze like no other model in recent years. After winning the prestigious VH1/Vogue Model of the Year award in 1999, she went on to co-host the ceremony in 2000 along with actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.. Vogue Magazine named her the "Model of the Millennium" and has referred to her as the "return of the sexy model."

In 2000, she was the fourth model in the history to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, when she was named "the most beautiful girl in the world."

Gisele has also graced the covers of more than 7,000 magazines from all over the globe like Vogue (American, Italian, British,French, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish), W, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Allure, Numero, Pop, i-D, The Face, Arena, Citizen K, Flair, Rolling Stone, 10, Time, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Newsweek, Esquire, Veja, Caras, GQ and Marie Claire.

Not only is Gisele an incredibly successful supermodel, she is also a savvy businesswoman. She is the face, and the brains behind Ipanema Gisele Bündchen, her own brand of women's foot apparel targeting the Brazilian market and worldwide.

Her first boyfriend in the United States was model Scott Barnhill, but they dated for only six months. After Barnhill, she was linked with hotel tycoon Vikram Chatwal and Josh Hartnett, but she never confirmed the rumors about these two. In one of her trips to Brazil, for a fashion show, she meet João Paulo Diniz, a Brazilian billionaire. They were photographed kissing by the paparazzi but she broke-up with him when she came back to New York. Gisele's most notorious romance is her on/off relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. They meet in 2000 during a fashion party in Los Angeles. In November of 2005 they broke-up and Gisele began dating pro-surfer Kelly Slater. Gisele has also been linked to Fantastic Four actor Chris Evans.

Gisele made her movie debut in the 2004 comedy Taxi, with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. She also made a appearance on 2006 hit comedy The Devil Wears Prada, playing Serena, Meryl Streep's assistant. Gisele always said that she likes to experience new things in her life, but a career as an actress is not a priority on her life. She accepted the role of Vanessa in Taxi because the producer, Luc Besson, created a special agenda for her shooting. In The Devil Wears Prada she shoot her scenes in just one day.
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